About the blog

cropped-growth-seekers-logo-4.pngGrowth Seekers is a blog for and about people who yearn to flourish.

I tackle topics around personal growth, fulfillment, happiness, belonging and, most crucially, flourishing.

Throughout, I explore how we can work with our vulnerabilities to get the most out of our short lives.

We’ve got one shot – better make it count and live the life you dream.

Why write?

The topics I feature on Growth Seekers are burning issues I’ve always been drawn to, so this gives me a forum to explore them that might be of use to others.  I find reading, reflecting and writing about them utterly fascinating and infinitely helpful.

If I feel that way, I figured you might too.

About me

I think I’m what they call a scanner (or multipotentialite, renaissance woman, polymath or generalist).  That means I have multiple interests and have led an incredibly varied life and career.  It also means I suffer from (or is it benefit from?) a low boredom threshold and a hunger for new experiences.

The potted version is, I am a life and career coach at Thrive Positive in Edinburgh, a positive psychology consultant for Worth It Education and a trainee counsellor.

Lorna Lythgoe and Blue

Lorna Lythgoe and Blue

I have been a teacher, business owner, writer, examiner, presenter, producer, marketer, adventure trip leader and outdoor instructor.

I’ve studied literature, film, anthropology, sociology, journalism, psychology, mental health and education.

I’ve lived in five continents and travelled in something like 50 countries, I’ve studied five languages and have dabbled in a range of hobbies from music to skiing.

I have a whole raft of wonderful friends from around the globe, and far too many photographs to ever organise!

I also have an amazing dog called Blue.